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Connecting to the Network

Planning Stage

As soon as you have finished your building plans, contact LBNCo connections team, who work on behalf of e-wire. LBNCo will guide you through each stage of the network connection process to minimise costs and ensure you have access to the cable network from the first day you move into your new home. 

Building Stage

This is the crucial stage. The location of television and data points need to be finalised because cables are installed during construction.

It is also important to locate these points near electricity outlets to provide power for equipment.

LBNCo also requires a power outlet near the control panel which is usually installed on an external wall or inside the carport.

Your builder should be informed of your intention to connect to the network because LBNCo installers require access to the building site.

Wall Height Stage

Contact LBNCo again when the brickwork is finished, the roof is about to be constructed and electricians have been scheduled to install electrical cabling.

LBNCo installers will monitor building progress and install e-wire connection point cables before plastering and ceilings are completed.

Building Completion Stage

Advise LBNCo connection point Customer Service when your builder informs you of the completion date so the final connection can organised.

A LBNCo connection point installer will contact you and make an appointment to fit all face plates, connect your home to the network and tune one television.

Activation Stage

Once your home is connected to the network you will have instant access to free-to-air television.

In order to get internet access, you will need to sign up to a retail service provider. Retail service providers available are: FuzeNet, Active Utilities and AusBBS. If you choose to sign up to FuzeNet for Internet access, this will be ready within 5 business days from the date the application form is received.

Subscriptions for VoIP telephones and FOXTEL should also have been completed and installed.


Many developers who have invested in providing residents with access to a cable network also include a 'technology package' so there is no charge to install the cable, and standard television and data point.

If a 'technology package' is not included in your land purchase, installation is usually around $628 which is not expensive, especially when you consider the advantages having access to a cable network and deduct what it would cost to install a television antenna and satellite dish.

A standard installation consists of:

Connection from the network to your home $330
One television point $149
One data point $149

Labour charges will apply to non-standard installations. Please refer to our Network Connections Rate Card

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