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Network Connection Rate Card

as at 1st October 2013

Lead-in connection (from street to home) $330.00
TV Point $149.00
TV, Data or Phone Points (Pack of any 3 Points) $399.00
Splitter (2 plus points) $49.00
Booster (3 or 4 points plus) $149.00
RF to Roof $75.00
Internet & Phone  
Data Point $149.00
Phone Point $149.00
Data Loop or Telephone Loop $149.00
Connect 3rd Party Wiring to ONU or NTD(Per Point)* $25.00
Connect and Test 3rd Party Wiring to ONU or NTD(Per Point)* $75.00
Cut-in $75.00
External Conduit $35.00
Remedial work on 3rd party internal wiring  Per hour $120.00
Additional Labour per hour $120.00
Additional Cable per metre $2.00
Separate ULV where no power is provided in the meter box $149.00
Call Out
Base Call Out, includes first 30 minutes $75.00
Additional 15 minutes thereafter $30.00

* - Connection of any 3rd Party wiring needs to be run until the meter box location regardless of whether testing of the connection by Service Elements has been requested or not.

Terms and Conditions

  1. It is the landowner's responsibility to ensure Service Elements' installers have access to the building site during construction. Pricing is based on installation to single storey homes under construction. Completed home pricing will vary and will be quoted on a case by case basis. 
  2. It is the home owners responsibility to notify Service Elements of their requirements prior to the home reaching plate height to arrange installation of equipment otherwise additional charges may be incurred. 
  3. The home owner is responsible for costs if established landscaping / paving has to be removed. All care but no responsibility is taken on removal of said landscaping and/or paving. 
  4. Pricing of lead in connections may differ in MDUs .
  5. An approved Service Elements installer must install the lead in connection. Illegal installs may be disconnected without prior notice. 
  6. All Prices listed above include GST. 
  7. A call out fee is charged for fixing faults outside of the Service Elements network boundary or faults outside of the 12 month warranty period. The Call out fee is also applicable for installation of additional points when the property is already connected to our network. 
  8. Installation and/or connection of additional points can be arranged at your request and will incur additional charges at Service Elements standard rates. 
  9. An invoice issued at pre-wire stage must be paid 7 days from date of issue. Service Elements should be notified before wall construction is complete or additional charges will apply. 

For further information, please contact Service Elements on 1300 667 863 or email us on


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