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This page contains general information for e-wire connection point broadband users.

e-wire was acquired in 2014 by FuzeNet. FuzeNet is a new generation telecommunications company delivering internet and phone services to residents and businesses across Australia. FuzeNet offers internet with speeds of up to 100 Mbps, ideal for streaming video, downloading large files and playing online games. All customers that signed up with e-wire are now being serviced by FuzeNet.

How can I get assistance from FuzeNet?

You can call FuzeNet support on 1300 881 917 between 8am and 8pm. Alternatively, you can email

What are the minimum system requirements for the e-wire connection point service?

Windows PC's

  • Windows XP SP3; Windows Vista SP1 or higher; Windows 7 or higher
  • A working Ethernet connection

Apple Mac's

  • OS X 10.4 Tiger or higher
  • A working Ethernet connection

What can FuzeNet support help me with?

- Getting your internet connection working
- Helping you Send and Receive Email
- Connecting the Modem to your PC
- Connecting one PC by Ethernet to an e-wire connection point supplied router
- Enquiries about our services and products
- General Connection problems
- Disconnection and some Modem Faults
- Using your web space

What can't FuzeNet support help me with?

- Your home or Office Network
- Internet connection Sharing Software
- Configuration of Routers not supplied by e-wire connection point
- Configuring Firewalls and Anti-virus
- Removing Virus infections
- General computer application problems (Windows, Office, etc)
- Configuring your specialised networking hardware
- Designing web pages
- PC Hardware faults
- Wireless Security

What are the settings for configuring my PC, Router and email?

Instructions and settings for your PC, router and email can be found on our Configuration Settings page.

What happens if I exceed my Monthly usage?

You will not be charged any fees for exceeding your monthly usage. Once you reach your monthly data allowance your internet will be shaped to a speed of 256K/256K.

What counts as traffic towards my usage?

Any webpage involves a small amount of data downloaded to your devices as well as a very small amount of data sent to the web server at the other end to request the webpage. File downloads and system updates involve download traffic. Online gaming and viewing streaming videos can use large amounts of download traffic.

I seem to be using all my allowed usage. Can I upgrade?

Yes. Contact the FuzeNet customer service team on 1300 881 917.

Examples of data usage amounts

Below are some estimates of the amounts of data consumed doing typical internet activities. These are estimates and are approximate. Please be aware that actual usage will vary and could be far greater for example, you may be watching a HD stream or send Hi resolution pictures as an email attachment.

Typical Internet Activity

Estimate of Data consumed


500KB per email (estimate includes attachments & spam)

Movie downloads

2GB per film (avi, mpeg, divx)

Game/Movie Trailers

100MB each

Browsing the Internet

5MB per hour

Music tracks

5MB per song (4-5min duration)

Online gaming

15MB per hour

Online radio

Typical stream at 128Kbps


850KB per image

Videos/ TV streaming

2MB per minute


Can I share my internet connection between multiple devices?

Yes, you can share your connection, both wired and wirelessly. 

What sort of speeds can I expect from my FuzeNet internet service?

Unlike other broadband technologies, the speed of your Fuzenet internet is not affected by your distance from the telephone exchange. The speed you receive will depend on the plan you have selected with FuzeNet. Plans include speeds of up to 25 Mbps, 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps.

Below is a list of different factors that will affect your actual speed:

  • the backhaul capacity of the network connecting your community to FuzeNet;
  • the number of customers sharing the local connection;
  • the number of customers using the network at a particular time;
  • the performance of your home network and Wi-Fi reception/capacity;
  • the performance of your hardware and software;
  • general Internet congestion; and
  • the current load on the site your are trying to access.

Should you have any further questions, please contact e-wire connection point support on 1300 881 917 or

Can I port my current number to FuzeNet?

You most certainly can! Call our customer service team on 1300 881 917 to confirm we can port that number, pay a $15 per number porting fee and your number will be transferred within 7 to 10 business days.

Will I have to pay phone line rental to have my phone service?

You will not have to pay phone line rental with any of our phone services.

What do I do if there is no phone connection at my premises?

You don’t need a phone connection for any of our phone services.

What payment options does FuzeNet have?

All new customers are required to pay for their FuzeNet services by automatic Direct Debit from their credit card or bank account. Fill in a Direct Debit form on the FuzeNet website. Your service will be activated once the completed direct debit form is processed by our team.

Service Billing

For your convenience, FuzeNet issues accounts monthly in electronic form. Your billing date is decided by the service address. You will receive an account around the same time each month.

Due Dates

Your FuzeNet account has been especially designed to be easily read and understood. The due date is clearly printed in the top right hand corner and usually falls between 14-30 days after account issue. To avoid the risk of service disruption, you should make payment before the due date.

It’s important to know you must still pay your account, even if you don’t receive the bill. So you should contact us if your bill seems late or doesn’t arrive within 60 days of connection.

FuzeNet offers various payment options to ensure your bill is paid on time, including Direct Debit. Just choose the right one for you.

Late Fees

We do not charge late fees.

Service Disconnection

There is a risk of service disruption if your account remains unpaid more than 28 days after the due date. In most cases, you will first receive a Reminder. To avoid service disconnection, you should act on this notice immediately. There are also a number of reasons your service may be disconnected without notice.

Billing Disputes

Contact FuzeNet immediately if you believe there is a discrepancy with any part of your bill. If we are unable to resolve your concern by phone, please provide written notice of the reasons you dispute the bill before the due date. FuzeNet will then complete a thorough investigation and advise you of the outcome.

Your service will not be disconnected while the bill is in dispute or for 60 days after issue, whichever is shorter. Until your concern is resolved, you may need to pay an amount based on prior usage. Should our investigation conclude the unpaid amount was correctly billed, payment will fall due immediately. If you dispute the investigation findings, your State Ombudsman may be of assistance.

Primary Network Information

FuzeNet resells services on the networks of the following Principal Carriers. The network used to deliver your service is determined by the type of service you order and the service location. 

FuzeNet is responsible for providing the service and all support requests should be directed to e-Wire and not the principal carrier. FuzeNet is not affiliated with any Principal Carrier except Service Elements.

Type of Service Principal Carrier
Fibre Service Elements, Opticomm, Open Networks, Fujitsu
HFC Service Elements, Opticomm

VDSL / Ethernet / EOC

Service Elements, Opticomm
Fixed Wireless Service Elements
ADSL2+ / Naked ADSL2+ iiNet / Telstra / TPG
Voice Service Elements




National Relay Service

If you are deaf, or have a hearing impairment or speech impairment, contact us through the National Relay Service:

TTY users phone 133 677 then ask for 1300 881 917

Speak and Listen users phone 1300 555 727 then ask for 1300 135 231

Internet relay users connect to the NRS ( and then ask for 1300 135 231



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