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Configuration Settings

This page contains general settings for e-wire connection point broadband users.

Broadband settings

The following settings are standard across all e-wire connection point broadband connections, and can be set on most computers and routers. For further assistance, we have article's on setting up a computer connection and setting up a broadband router as well.

PC & Router Settings

  • Login Required: Yes
  • Connection Type: PPPoE / Other
  • Username:
  • Password: Your account password
  • Service Name: empty

Router Settings (Additional)
Note: Depending upon your router model some of these setting names may vary or be unavailable.

  • Internet Service Provider: Other
  • Connection Mode: Always On
  • Idle Timeout: 0 seconds
  • Internet IP Address: Dynamic
  • DNS Address: Automatic

Domain name server (DNS)

This should be set automatically; however if you need to set these manually use


These email settings can be used by almost all e-wire connection point customers. For example, if your email is, you should enter this as your email address when prompted. Your username may also vary, you can check this on your account information sheet from e-wire connection point.

  • POP server (incoming):
  • SMTP server (outgoing):
  • Username: The first half of your email address e.g. yourusername (Do not include the portion)
  • Email address: Your full e-wire email address, e.g.

Note: If you are setting up an additional email address, the username and password you should use is this accounts username and password, not your main account's username and password.

World wide web/proxy configuration

Leave your proxy configuration blank; we have a transparent system which kicks in when it is expedient to do so.

Uploading a website

The process of uploading your website varies depending upon the method chosen. As such, please see our article setting up a website. The basic settings are as follows:

  • Username: Your e-wire username, e.g. yourusername
  • Password: Your account password
  • Hostname:
  • Website address:

Should you have any further questions, please contact e-wire connection point support on 1300 135 231 or

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